Sunday, May 20, 2012

Meet and Greet with Merida from Brave

Disneyland had a new character meet and greet spot for Princess Merida from Pixar's new Brave animated feature that is coming out June 22nd.  It is over in the structured area across the parade route from It's a Small World.

 It has this photo spot with the three little animated bears (who, from trailers I've seen, appear to be her brothers, who are triplets that get turned into bear cubs.) Everyone tries to use a Scottish accent but since I work with a lady who is actually Scottish, meh.

After you exit from the photo spot, you can wander over to the archery area where a cast member helps you to shoot an arrow at a target.
I made a bullseye and she was shocked.  Really?

Mr. Diva made a bullseye also.  She was impressed. Really?
Then we went over so I could spin and see from which Scottish Clan I herald.
According to this kilted cast member, I hail from the Dingwall Clan.
This is our clan symbol.  It looks like a boar to me.
This is a rubbing stone with the image of our brave clan leader upon it.
This is Lord Dingwall, our clan leader.
There are some fun activities to take part in, and I imagine this photo area will be around until at least June 22 when the movie opens, and probably most of the summer as well.

In case you have missed them up to this point, here is one of the trailers for the film:

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Wendy said...

You look like you're having so much fun! I love the archery games. I hope to get out there soon.