Thursday, May 24, 2012

How Many Wishing Wells are in Disneyland?

 Of course, there is the iconic Snow White's Wishing Well in Snow White's Grotto to the right of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.  The money from this wishing well is collected periodically and it goes to the Children's Hospital of LA.

 Over in Toon Town, Minnie Mouse has her own wishing well.  Minnie posted a special message on the front of her wishing well that says,
Welcome to my backyard well,
A secret wish you now must tell,
My reply will echo clear,
To all my friends so near and dear!
Love, Minnie

 And the last wishing well (that I know of) is over in Critter Country near the fast pass distribution for Splash Mountain.  You really can't throw any coins into this wishing well, but it is really cute and it has this adorable statue of Brer Rabbit on it.  And I love all of the greenery around it.  Such a lovely little spot.
So there you have it!  Three wishing wells at Disneyland.  Just a silly little tidbit I felt like talking about.

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