Friday, August 8, 2014

The Cozy Cone Motel - Carsland Cone Snacks

 The Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Land is a cute little snack area 
that has many different things to offer all in cones.  
Both savory and sweet, everyone can probably find something here they would want to try.
 These are walk-up kiosks and there is really very little seating behind the motel office.
Photo by Laurie -
I love the antennae on the tops of the cones.  So funny!
 This is a cute cone water feature.
 The car light flowers are pretty.
 In the office are some Radiator Springs postcards and few other cute items, 
including this Hidden Buzz Lightyear.
Each cone sells something different.  
At the Pop Cone you can get popcorn in different flavors.  
They rotate them so you can get regular butter and one of the following:
Salt & Vinegar, Pickle, Bacon & Cheddar, Sweet & Spicy, or Nacho Cheese.
On this particular day they were serving Bacon Cheddar and Butter popcorn.  
The specialty drink at this cone is
Doc's Grape Tonic - Sprite with Wild Grape Syrup and Wild Berry Foam.

 You can get your beverages in cone shaped souvenir sippers and your popcorn in a 
Lightening McQueen popcorn holder if you want to pay a little extra.
 Doc's Wild Grape Tonic with flavored foam and the Bacon Cheddar Popcorn.  
Both were very tasty. 
The Cone Queso serves food in bread cones.
 For lunch or dinner they have bread cones filled with chili and cheese, 
or salsa verde chicken and cheese. 
At this cone you can get Fillmore's Fuelin Groovey Ades -
Lemonade with Wildberry Foam
or Pomegranate Limeade with Lemon-Lime Foam
You can also spike it with vodka if you want.  
It's DCA, and like Epcot, they serve alcohol.
 At this particular cone they also serve breakfast bread cones filled with two different 
types of eggs conecoctions. They looked pretty tasty!
 This is Fillmore's Fuelin Limeade, no vodka. 
It was quite tasty, but the day was very, very hot (4th of July), and there was no shade, 
so really sweet drinks when it is very hot tend to make me start feeling a little sick.  
I need to try many of these things when it's not so hot.
 Of course, how could you not sell ice cream cones?  And root beer floats, hello!

Conecoctions was just pretzels and Red's Apple Freeze when it first opened.
I have been told this is the same as Lefou's Brew from Gaston's
in the WDW Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland.
Red's Apple Freeze - Frozen Apple Juice with Toasted Marshmallow Syrup, 
and Passion Fruit-Mango Foam
It has an apple taste to the freeze at first, and the foam has a very tart, very fruity, taste.
Once you start drinking it,  the marshmallow flavor becomes apparent.
Pretzel Bites with cheesy dipping sauce
Update:  Twists have since been added to the Conecoctions Cone since it opened.  
Cheddar Garlic and Chocolate

Photo by Laurie -
I somehow missed getting a picture of the Churro Cone, so I used this one from my friend. 
 Churro Cone serves churro bites and
Ramone's "Pear of Dice" Soda - Dessert Pear Syrup, Mojito Syrup, and Sprite
I tried the churro bites at the end of a long, very hot day.  
Being a churro fan, I thought this would be a no brainer hit with me, 
especially with the chocolate sauce.  
Unfortunately, and again, this could be the heat of the day, 
I found them way, way too sweet and the chocolate sauce just put them over the top. 
Without a doubt, I need to take a nice cool day sometime soon 
and head back to the Cozy Cone to give a lot of these a try.
Photo by Laurie -
 One thing you definitely want to be prepared for is when they turn all the lights on at dusk.  
Like the rest of Radiator Springs, when the lights turn on, it is magical!
Photo by Laurie -
 Throughout the day, the front of the Cozy Cone is the photo spot for Mater, Lightening and Red.
Aren't they even cuter when they light up?

Next time you're in Radiator Springs, 
stop in at the Cozy Cone and try some food in a cone.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Radiator Springs Racers

 This review, like several I'm going to be doing in the next few weeks is about two years overdue, but I have followers who haven't been out to California since the opening of Cars Land, and have wanted to see pictures, so I'm obliging.

When you approach Radiator Springs Racers, you immediately look at the sign.  This was taken back when the stand-by was always about two hours long.  Mr. Diva and I usually road the single rider line because we didn't care if we sat together.  That was about 40 minutes usually.

It's a great ride and the queue, as you will see is fun and engaging and full of little details.  We just rarely make it back to wait in the line unless someone is with us who hasn't gotten to ride it before.
 Here I'm going to share some of the signs and details along the queue. They are cute and expand upon the story of the origin of Radiator Springs and its founder, Stanley. Signs like this, claiming the restorative benefits of Radiator Spring water are found throughout the queue.
 Right away you are introduced to Radiator Spring in this advertisement, claiming it is Nature's Coolant.
 A foreshadowing of the Radiator Cap building.
 Another reference to the oasis known as Radiator Spring.
 Another foreshadowing of the bottle house to be found later in the queue.
 These are funny to me. Refreshingest, LOL!  And the junior high teacher in me giggled at Stanley always has GAS. 
 This is the 1947 Rusty Ridge Bridge, built by the Auto Corps of Engineers.
 This is a Radiator Cap.
 And here it is, Stanley's Oasis featuring the world famous Radiator Spring. People started throwing coins in it right away, which drives me insane.  Seriously!  But, I was told by a plaid that when Disneyland cleans out the wishing well and other fountains around the resort that the money from the coins is donated to Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. So as much as it drives me crazy, keep chucking those coins in people! CHLA does great work!

 I love this side with the fender and wheel.
 Hahaha!  Seriously, you have to love all the little details.  
They must have had a blast thinking this stuff up!
 Here is a sign with the background story: On this site in the summer of 1909 Stanley, exploring out west, overheated as his radiator water boiled away. Coasting into the shade, he happened upon a life-saving natural spring. Upon this most fortunate discovery, Stanley founded the first settlement in Ornament Valley, and in honor of the oasis, christened it Radiator Springs.
 Here it is, flowing with life-saving, restorative water.
 Like many places with natural springs, in the early 1900's, it was often thought that natural spring waters were able to cure ailments and resorts grew up around those springs.  Well, from the claims above, it looks like the same thing happened with The Mysterious and Miraculous World Famous Radiator Spring.  Nature's own fixer elixer! 
  • Removes Rust
  • Stops Leaks 
  • Eliminates Squeaks & Rattles
  • Relieves Red-Hot Radiators
  • Restores Dull Paint to the Original Luster
  • Turns Back the Odometer
  • Heals Hoses
  • Cures Road Rash
  • Soothes Irritated Brake Pads

 Free! Filler Up!
 This building houses Stanley's Cap n Tap. 
Carburetor County's Captstone of Caps.
If we don't have your cap, It's FREE! (hahahahahaha!)
Hate to Heat and Run? Idle on in!
All Hubcap Work: No Tires, No Fender Skirt, NO Service!

 Stanley's Cap n Tap after 5pm?  Stop in for a night CAP!
YES! Boats, We even have your CAPSIZE!
 A little blurry, but here are some of the many caps available at Stanley's Cap n Tap.
 That's quite a promise!
 We Are CERTIFIABLE.  (hahahahaha!)
 This building is full of signs.  Sister Diva is pointing out this Illinois license plate that says Land of Lincoln, because Lincoln is my favorite president.

 Aunt Diva and Momma Diva stopped for a pick by Radiator Springs Route 66 Sign.
 Stanley and Lizzie's Wedding picture in front of the Radiator Springs Court House, where the Stanley Statue now stands.
 There are more than 70 different species of desert plants in the 12 acres of Cars Land.  These cacti are spectacular.
 After the radiator caps and signs, you enter the House of Bottles. 
This world famous structure is made from genuine oil bottles save after being consumed by Route 66 travelers visiting Stanley's Oasis. Stacked upwards from end, to end, these bottles would tower past the tallest in on the Cadillac Mountain Range and reach to almost one hundred and twenty six-thousandths the distance to the moon. 
 Oil bottles are embedded in the walls.
 As the light hits the north/west side of the building, the bottles light up.  Such a cool effect!

  Through the window of the House of Bottles, you can see Ornament Valley's namesake.
 And just as you exit, you get a glimpse of Radiator Falls in the distance.
 Sister Diva and I trying to get a selfie before the ride. This was before I got my iPhone, so we were doing this with a camera.
 And here we go!
 Radiator Falls
After the Dark Ride portion, through Radiator Springs, Luigi and Guido cheer you on 
as you race another car through Ornament Valley.
 The race is fun, not scary at all.  Thoroughly enjoyable!
 Your race ends at Tail Light Caverns. Home of the World Famous Stalac-Lights (seen below)
 The World Famous Stalac-Lights
 You get a little congratulations from Mater and Lightening as you prepare to exit your race car.
I always look forward to a Lincoln Continental Breakfast at the Comfy Caverns Motor Court.

And that is a look at Radiator Springs Racers, with most of the Dark Ride portion left out.  It is difficult to get good pictures, although I have gotten a few mediocre ones on my phone.
Here is a you tube POV video of the ride made by The DIS, for you to enjoy until you get a chance to visit Cars Land yourself.