Sunday, January 10, 2010

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln Returns

That's right! One of my all-time favorite Disneyland attractions is back!!!

We both love Abraham Lincoln and it is tradition for us to get our picture with him and then watch the show. This is the new photo that hangs in the lobby.

The model of the U.S. Capitol is still on display.

They have a wall of these little statues that apparently represent something from the American Adventure at WDW. I guess they each represent something about the "American Spirit."

This is the screen that shows the preparation that went into making the animatronic Lincoln. You can see it in the video I linked below.

As you go in, this silhouette is on the curtains, and then the show begins.

I must admit to being a bit nervous that they would do something that would mess the whole thing up. Let's face it, over the years they have done some weird things to the show, such as adding that part in the intro where you had to wear earphones and they made it feel like you were getting a hair cut, and adding that "Two Brothers" song with the pictures, or the WORST was ending it with that horrible "Golden Dreams" (or Wings?) song. UGH!! (shudder)

Over the past few years I have made numerous trips to the City Hall to lodge my feelings on the return of Mr. Lincoln and some ideas about what to incorporate and what to lose when they do return him. I envisioned a show where they would drop the "Two Brothers" song, the "Golden Dreams" song, the hair cuts and the like, and just get back to what Walt envisioned; Lincoln, his personal history, how he was important to our nation, and then end it with the "Battle Hymn of the Republic." Not difficult - just keep it simple and true to Walt's dream.

I can't tell you how incredibly surprised and pleased I am with the new show. WOW! Not only did they make a new animatronic that shows emotion, but they returned the show to its original roots. They have Lincoln telling his story in his own words, and new illustrations to go with the historical portion. They did include the "Two Brothers" song and photos, but I just tried to overlook that part. Then, the very best part is that they ended it with the "Battle Hymn of the Republic!" Well done imagineers! Thank you for bringing back a family favorite and for doing it so well. We love it!!

Here is the 1964 World's Fair Version. Although there is a copy on youtube of the current version, it isn't good quality and you aren't supposed to video tape it, so I'll just post a link to this version and you can do your own you tube research on the current version.

A Toon Town Christmas

I absolutely love to wander around Toon Town at Christmas time! What fun! They do such a marvelous job of making all the decorations tooney and fitting to each of the characters. Enjoy as you peruse the pictures of a Toon Town Christmas.

Notice the dalmation balls on the Firehouse.

This is the Toon Town Tree

And the Toon Town Gazebo

The Jolly Trolley and light posts are so cute!!

Goofy's house

Minnie's House

And her matching tree

Mickey's house

and his matching tree

Donald's Boat

and his decorated mail box.

Although it can get pretty crowded back there during the holidays (who am I kidding, that place is always crowded!!) it is worth it to walk back and enjoy the decorations, at night and during the day.

The Castle Lighting

Not a lot needs to be said about the castle lighting. Throughout the evening, the lights dim and a young boy talks about hoping that it snows for Christmas. The castle lights up a little more each time, and each segment is ended with a bit of snow falling along Main Street, the central plaza and even back near It's a Small World.

Small World Holiday

What a wonderful spectacle of lights It's a Small World becomes during the holidays! I can't imagine how long it takes to put all of these lights up, but it is so beautiful!

But the outside isn't the only thing that is transformed during the holidays! Take a look at just a few of the gorgeous vignettes inside.

As you go into the Northern lands area:

Heading into Great Britain:

In the Africa area:

This Santa gopher cracked me up in the America area!

And the decorated cactus was cute.

The Finale:

If you get a chance to visit the Disneyland Resort, don't miss It's a Small World Holiday. It's just beautiful!