Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Candy Palace and Penny Arcade Refurb

 With the refurbishment of the 400 block of Main Street, that included the Candy Palace and the Penny Arcade. If you have ever tried to stop and grab a caramel apple or peanut clusters before you left the park, you know that it is always crowded and difficult to maneuver around the penny presses and gobs of fellow caramel apple lovers.
 In comparison to the candy kitchen in Marcelline's at Downtown Disney, this kitchen was microscopic, but they still managed to turn out lots of hand made scrumptiousness.  Now look at the difference!  In this area they were making something with gooey caramel.
 In this second section they were dipping pineapple wedges into dark chocolate.  What?  If I were a pineapple fan, let me tell you, I would be all over that!  Yum!
 Here is how they have changed the display cases and check out areas This used to be the end of the check out stand, but they have now move the check out to the back corner behind the Coca-cola Corner.  See it back there?
 And this very patriotic looking area used to be where all the penny presses and the Uncle Sam were located.  It has the coffees, boxed cookies, caramel corn, and packages of the fresh candies made on the premises.  See all of them in the display case in the center of the picture?  If the package says FRESH on the yellow sticker, then it was made at Disneyland.  If it has a blue Disneyland sticker on it, it was made who knows when back in WDW.  Yuck.  We have gotten too many rancid nuts that way.  Never buy those.
 Here is Mr. Diva checking out our stuff at the new check out stand in the back.
 Here are all of the yummy products along the back wall.


Susan Stringfellow said...

wait - so this looks like it is taking the place of the penny machines - are all the penny machines and arcade things gone!? I mean it looks great and I am not sure because I could be confused with WDW, but was this all aqua before? I thought it was much lighter in the candy palace area

Tamera said...

There are some penny machines near the front, but most of that space where all the machines were is now that patriotic picture I posted. they aren't all gone, but they made the whole area merchandise.