Saturday, August 23, 2008

Disneyland Delights!

One of our favorite things to do at Disneyland is to snack! Sometimes we get the odd craving for something out of the ordinary, but we are all pretty much creatures of habit. I don't have pictures of all of our favorites, so this will be post 1 of 2 on Disneyland Delights.

Dad has three things he never fails to get: Cotton Candy,

Golden Horseshoe Cafe Chocolate Cake, (you can see one of Sis's favorites in the foreground - mozarella sticks)

and Disneyland Divinity. It must be DISNEYLAND Divinity with the blue Disneyland sticker on it. If the candy has a gold Disney sticker, that means it was made in Orlando and shipped to California, allowing plenty of time for the nuts in the divinity to go rancid, and we can't have any rancidy divinity. So if they have no divinity with blue stickers, he forgoes that fluffy, white, nut-filled delight. (He can be seen purchasing some from Marcelline's in the layout below)

I love the caramel apples. They used to make them on Main Street and roll them in mini chocolate chips. Now they just dip them in chocolate. Either way is fine by me. We usually go out to Marcelline's on Downtown Disney to get them now though.

I also adore the Churros. Sometimes I get just one, but sometimes I need to do a little double fisted churro munching and I get two.

Lastly, I cannot have a trip to Disneyland now without going over to DCA and getting a Malibu Mocha Frappe from the Bakersfield Bakery. I turned DH onto these and now he loves them as much as I do. They are pretty big, so we try and plan out when we are going to get them so that if we have to stand in a long line, we have a Malibu Mocha to sustain us. It worked really well on the two days this spring when I stood in line for an hour and a half each day at the Princess Faire.

DH really loves to get the Dole Whip from the little stand in front of the Tiki Room.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Disney Animation

After one trip to Disneyland, DH commented that it many of the rides in Fantasyland didn't make a lot of sense to him. After we discussed it, we realized that it was probably because he hadn't seen most of the Disney animated movies. So, we decided to try and watch all of the Disney animated classics in chronological order.

We started these on Friday nights, but since I love Monk and Psych, we decided to switch it to Saturday night. DH goes to Whole Foods and gets us steaks, corn, potatoes and such and then makes the whole dinner. Afterwards we pop some popcorn and settle in for a Disney flick.

We started with Snow White and are currently into the 1990's with Beauty and the Beast. It has been a fun journey so far even though we skipped a couple of older ones and I skipped Bambi all together.

Walt certainly had some amazing people working for him for a very long time. We have really enjoyed watching all of them and seeing the different styles and eras in Disney animation. In addition, it has heightened our appreciation for Fantasyland, parades and even Disney Characters. Fantasyland used to be a place we went when the lines were too long elsewhere, but now it is an important stop every time we're at the Magic Kingdom.

If you ever get the time, we highly recommend a Disney movie night!

Documenting Disneyland

Since we have been going to Disneyland most of our lives, we have a lot of pictures, memories and now scrapbook pages. Although DH is my Disneyland cohort, he just does the driving and paying for things and I do the picture taking and scrapbooking. We have expanded our love of Disneyland the last few years since we purchased annual passes again, allowing us to go quite often. I thought it would be fun to document some of our trips, share photos and scrapbook pages and just make this a fun Disney blog. Disneyland has kind of become a mini escape for us the last few years. Kind of a place to get away and put our worries aside for a few hours and just enjoy some time in the Magic Kingdom. I thought it would be nice to have a blog that kind of let me do that when I couldn't make the drive down to Anaheim and so I give you : Disneyland Diva.