Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merriest Christmas on Earth - Part I December 2006

We love Christmas time at Disneyland! Okay, we love anytime at Disneyland, but the holidays are so festive and the decorations are incredible to look at. DH and I went in 2006 and had a nice time together looking at the beautiful decor and taking all the festive sights and sounds. So here are a few photos from that trip.

The train station.

City Hall

Fire Station

Main Plaza

Giant Christmas tree!

Mainstreet Mickey garlands and tree

Mainstreet lampost

Mainstreet looking toward Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Partners Statue

The Castle all decked out for Christmas

Main Street tree at night

Mainstreet from the Partners statue.

The Castle at night

Snow on Main Street!

The Main Plaza at night

Train Station at night