Saturday, July 10, 2010

Silly Symphony Swings

Okay, after I rode on the Orange Stinger in Disney's California Adventure, I vowed never to go on it again, but last weekend when we were down at the Disneyland Resort, Mr. Diva and I found ourselves in DCA at the rope drop, so we decided to avoid the running maniacs and head toward the quieter corner of Paradise Pier.

We happened upon the Silly Symphony Swings and Mr. Diva wanted to give it a try.

As you can see it is a swing ride, but they changed the theme from a giant orange, to "The Band Concert" short from 1935. It is supposed to mimic the tornado the band ends up getting swept into, and yet they continue to play the William Tell Overture as the spin through the air.

Band Leader Mickey is proudly ensconced on the top of the swings and leads the concert.

There is a picture of the concert on the sides of the canopy.

Mr. Diva was really looking forward to the ride.

I was a little reticent seeing as I got a little nauseous when I rode the Orange Stinger.

As you can see, Mr. Diva had a fabulous time.

I couldn't get a picture of myself without screaming...I didn't enjoy my ride as much as Mr. Diva. It's now one of his favorite rides in DCA.

In case you haven't seen "The Band Concert" here it is. The ride makes so much more sense if you have seen the short.