Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Disneyland's Jolly Holiday Bakery

Disneyland is in the midst of refurbishing many of the things on Main Street, and in so doing, they have the Carnation Cafe and Blue Ribbon Bakery closed.  They needed another restaurant to replace them, so they turned this corner restaurant space from the AP Renewal office, back into a restaurant called the Jolly Holiday Bakery.
One of the interesting tidbits that I recently learned was that this custom Mary Poppins weathervane has two pennies in her carpetbag.  One has the date 1955 for the year the park opened and one is 2012 for the year the bakery opened.  

As you enter the bakery, you can see the lovely light fixture, the menu boards, and the display cases full of yummy looking things!
Here is a painting with many sayings and things from the movie.

Here is a display case in the queue with a figurine of Mary riding her carousel horse, and some birds and penguins.
Silhouettes of Mary, Jane and Michael. And a detailed silhouette of a child flying a kite.
This tile mosaic on the floor is supposed to mimic the chalk pictures Burt drew on the sidewalks.

Here is the menu served after 10:30 am. 
And the espresso and beverage menu that is served all day.  In case you were wondering, Abuelita (Spanish for grandma) is a Nestle brand of powdered chocolate for making Mexican Hot Cocoa.

Yum, right?  so many choices!!

Too many baked goods to choose from! 

Raspberry Cheesecakes and cupcakes.
Cookies, cupcakes, crispy treats, Matterhorn Macaroons, chocolate croissants, and muffins!

Banana nut loaf, danish, scones, cookies, and cinnamon rolls!

This is the grilled cheese sandwich that is part of the Jolly Holiday combo with tomato basil soup.

I'm not really sure how I even made a choice between these two!

Mr. Diva ordered the Roasted Turkey Sandwich and chips, $8.69.  He liked it!

I ordered the Cheese and Broccoli Quiche with house salad $6.29, blended mocha $4.39,  
and a lemon meringue (actually marshmallow fluff) bar $3.99.  
All very good!  Of course I had my salad dry, but it was still good.

And who could pass up a meal in this setting?  You can watch tons of people, enjoy the view of the castle and the Matterhorn, listen to the Main Street music and enjoy a good meal.  I would definitely recommend the Jolly Holiday Bakery for a quick service meal on your next trip.

Here is a little video done by the folks at Disney about the Jolly Holiday Bakery:

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Susan Stringfellow said...

oh my goodness. I want to go NOW. What a beautiful spot and the food looks exactly perfect for me.