Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rare Character Sightings

I'll readily admit that until the last few months I haven't been big on getting any pictures with characters. In all honesty, they pretty much freak me out. I don't like that there is someone in the costume and I can't see their face. I don't like clowns either.

But, through the Disney Challenge on Two Peas, I have finally become inspired to try and get some pictures of characters. Someone on Two Peas shared a site that records characters spotted around WDW and how common or rare the character is. (I have a link to the site in the sidebar). I really enjoyed reading up on whcih characters were around the parks and how rare some of them are. It made me start to look for characters at Disneyland and try to see which ones I could never find.

I got my first character picture in May of 2007 with my sister. She wanted a picture with Eeyore and Tigger was with him hogging the camera so I was dispatched to take a picture with her and try to distract Tigger. It worked pretty well and ended up being an okay experience.

Then a few months later I ran into Cinderella's Fairy Godmother (I call her Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo) and she wasn't scary at all because I could see her face. I have seen her in the Main Plaza area and out at the front entrance.

On Girl's Day during Dec. of 2007, Eeyore came to our table for pictures which was great! and then Goofy jumped in to our official Christmas tree picture.

These events were enough to really break the ice for me. I decided that 2008 was going to be a year for me to get as many character shots as I could. Below are some of the rare characters we haven't seen very often around Disneyland or DCA. Some I was able to snap a picture with, others I just stood in line and was only able to get a quick shot before they left.

Governor Radcliff - Golden Screams Theater DCA in October

Prince John - Golden Screams Theater DCA in October

Evil Queen - Golden Screams Theater DCA in October

Jane and Terk - Disneyland Entrance

I have multiple pictures of Jasmine from the Princess meal at Ariel's Grotto and the Princess Faire, but I have only scene Aladdin out this one time. Disneyland entrance.

Suzy Mouse - Disneyland Main Plaza

Old Witch - DCS - Animation Bldg - special event

Baloo - Disneyland Mainstreet

I just go this one yesterday!! Finally!!! Disneyland Mainstreet

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Kendall said...

Have you ever seen Lady Tremaine and the step sisters at Disneyland? I love your character pictures.