Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Disneyland Silhouettes

I went to Disneyland last Friday with my friend Kim. We decided to do some things she normally wouldn't do when she was there with her DH and DS. On the top of her list was getting her silhouette done.

So we stopped by first thing in the morning to check on prices and times. I thought it was done with an electronic machine and Kim insisted that it was done by hand and in less than a minute. But seeing as it wasn't open until 10 am, we would have to wait.

The studio is on Main Street between the cool porch building and the Crystal Arts building.

First, take some time to peek at the photos in the front window and find the Hidden Mickeys in the frames.

Then when you go inside, this very nice lady, Bonnie, will have you sit down and look straight ahead as she deftly cuts your silhouette BY HAND (Kim was totally right!) and in less than one minute for a mere $9.

I did ask her if she could please leave out my double chin and she happily obliged, jovially letting me know that there were no double chins in Disneyland.

Bonnie is so quick and so sure of herself she can chat with you while she works! We asked and she has been hand cutting silhouettes for 34 years at Disneyland.

When she is done cutting the silhouette she passes it to the cashier who pastes both copies onto the frame papers. Once you pay, you can ask that they hold them for you until you are ready to leave. That way you don't get them wrinkled. For an additional $9 you can add a Mickey silhouette behind yours, or you can have the entire family in the silhouette (it is $9 per head)

This was a great way to spend one minute and $9. I would do it again in a heart beat. I think on our next Disneyland date I'll see if DH wants to do one by himself and one with both of us in it.


Sara said...

As many times that we've been to WDW we've never done this! I knew it was done by hand but was amazed at how quick! Gotta give it a try on our next trip!

Love all your princess pics!! My girls LOVE Ariel & Jasmine & have met them both but would LOVE to meet Ariel with her human legs! LUCKY YOU!!

BTW--I know I don't know you except from 2's but I left you an award on my blog.....

Disney Mummy said...

My parents had me sit for one of these in 1976 in Florida. When we took DS in 2004, I made him sit for one. He was a total nudge about it and I was utterly amazed that the artist could accomplish such a good likeness of DS when he was squirming so much. I just announced to DH that we're going to do this when we go next month. He's looking at me like I'm crazy, but yeah, I am.

Kendall said...

I've never had this done and am surprised that they do it by hand so quickly. I might give it a try the next time I go.