Friday, September 19, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Summer of Hidden Mysteries - Part I

With the fourth Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull coming out this summer, Disneyland had an in-park promotion. As small and crowded as Adventureland is, they set up several things throughout the area to promote the movie and pique interest. Fortunately we got to see everything several times, and now that it is over, I thought it would be fun to share some things in several posts.

First, when you entered Adventureland, just past the Tiki Room there was a photo area set where you could take silly photos "Indy Style":

Then you could ask a CM in front of the theater area (used to be Storytime with Jasmine or something like that) for a brochure. If you click on the pictures below they will open to be a bit larger and easier to read. The back of the brochure describes some things in the queue for the Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. Most are things you probably have already noticed if you are a Disney trivia buff. If not, they are great to look for as you wait in line. I'll show you these in another post.

Then they list 12 things from the four different Indy movies. As you ride the Jungle Cruise, you are to look for 4 of the 12 items and see if you can find them hidden along the route. They said our tour guides would mention something along the tour, but none of ours ever did.

We found the following four items:

Crate with the Ark of the Covenant (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

Dr. Henry Jones Sr.'s Umbrella (Last Crusade)

Mola Ram Ceremonial Headress (Temple of Doom)

Crystal Skull (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)

Then you could follow the map and clues in the center of the brochure and spot the hieroglyphics around Adventureland to read the hidden message. Click on the map to make it bigger and see if you can figure out what the secret message says by using the photos below:







Okay, so, what does it say?

If you said, "Tamera's Disneyland blog is the best," as true as that may be, you would be wrong.

If you said, " Choose wisely and get a fast pass for the Indy Ride," again , it may be true, but it is also incorrect.

If you said, "To survive the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, beware the eyes of Mara," then you would be correct.

What do you win??? If you post a comment on this message, I'll put your name in a drawing for a "Tamera Original" Indiana Jones Twinchie.

Stay tuned for more info on the Summer of Indy at Disneyland.


Sara said...

How cool that you found all the clues! Looking at your pics I often have to remind myself that your pics are from DisneyLAND not WORLD since they sometimes look alike but not always.

Heather said...

Very fun post! I wish that Libs was a bit older so she would have been able to try this.

wsapooh said...

That looks like it was so much fun! Scavenger hunts are a blast.

Disney Mummy said...

My DS, who is 8, just discovered the Indiana Jones movies and he cannot wait to go to the Epic Stunt Spectacular at Hollywood Studios next month.

Peace, Jenn Owen

Vickie said...

I would have enjoyed looking for the clues. I have been on the Indiana Jones attraction once and enjoyed it very much. Wish there was one in WDW. I do see the Indiana Jones stunt show everytime I go to WDW.

Tracey said...

I love scavenger hunts and searching for hidden things. Wish I could have seen it all, but thanks for sharing your finds with us. It was fun to experience it vicariously.

Kendall said...

I would have been all over this!