Saturday, September 27, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Summer of Hidden Mysteries - Part II

Continuing with the fun of the Indiana Jones summer promotions, they staged some good ole Indy fight scenes to occur around Adventureland several times a day. with Indy music in the background.

The basic story line was that Indy had found a map and appears above the Tropical Imports snack stand. He is accosted by a "bad buy" and a fight over the map ensues. Of course, he wins the fight, knocking out the bad guy and getting the map. He leans over the railing and tells the kids in the crowd, " When he wakes up, tell him Indy won!"

Indy then disappears and the bad guy wakes up, which the kids have been waiting for and they start yelling, "Indy won! Indy won!" He kind of growls and heads off to find Indy.

Soon Indy reappears and asks crowd members questions about the map and such, then disappears across the "street" into the second floor of the Bazaar.

Not long after he is followed by the bad guy.

Indy reappears on the balcony above the South Seas Traders and holds the map out. He yells out questions to the crowd and responds to their responses.

Meanwhile the bad guy sneaks up behind him and he is barely saved by the screams of the crowd. Another fight ensues and

Indy loses the map! When he comes to he asks the crowd for help. They tell him where the bad guy went.

The crowd tells him they saw the bad guy go up into the tree, so Indy goes in pursuit of him!

Aha! They meet again! A true Indy-style fight occurs on the bridge leading to Tarzan's Tree House. Indy even brings out his whip!

And of course he is once again victorious!

He exits to the cheers of the crowd and tells the kids not to let the bad guy through if he ever wakes up.

When the bad guy wakes up, he tries to get through the crowd and the kids are pulling him and trying to find ways to keep him from following Indy. He grumpily mumbles under his breath, "I hate kids!"

This was a really cute way to spend 15 minutes! We enjoyed watching the little fight scenes and watching the little boys in the Indy hats interact with Indy and the bad buy. Very fun!

Remember, add a comment to any or all of my Indy posts and I will add you in a drawing for an original Indy twinchie. You can use it on a card, layout or just add it to a twinchie collection. I'll try and finish it and post a pic in the next installment.


Tracey said...

This looks like a fun show. And the I hate kids line at Disney is funny!

Kendall said...

The fight on the rope bridge is perfect! It looks like they did a great job with the show.