Thursday, April 23, 2009

DCA's Games of the Boardwalk

Part of the construction and reconfiguration of Disney's California Adventure Park, is to make the park less "California" and more of the California of the early 20th century as it appeared when Walt Disney arrived in the 1920's. Part of that renovation is to begin to add things around the park that hearken back to some of Disney's earlier movies, shorts and cartoon characters while at the same time trying to incorporate some of the new Pixar characters that we have come to know and love. The new Games of the Boardwalk is no exception. The imagineers have managed to bring the two together in a great old fashioned way.

Below, as I show each game on the boardwalk, I have posted the imagineer's concept poster that is showcased in the Blue Sky Cellar over near Bug's Land and the Trattoria. In the Blue Sky Cellar, the imagineers are showcasing the upcoming changes planned for DCA with concept pictures, models, maps and even a short video.

To play the games, you put cash into a machine that gives you a plastic card. Each card can be re-used. Each games costs 250 points (or 250 cents). If you purchase a $10 card, then you can play each game once. That's what we did.

The first game is Goofy About Fishin'. Everyone wins at this game. Your prize depends upon which color fish you catch.

The Dumbo Bucket Brigade is a game where you shoot water at a little hole and the clowns climb the ladders. The red siren light flashes when someone wins.

All four of us lost this game. They guy on the end in the picture below was the winner.

Casey at the Bat is the traditional baseball toss.

DH beat Dad - he was the only one of the four of us that actually got one in!

Bullseye Stallion Stampede is a horserace. Players have to roll balls up so that they fall through the holes in their individual gameboard. The higher the hole is on the game board, the faster the horse moves across the field.

Sis was the winner of the stampede game!

It's a fun way to spend $10 if you have friends or family you can compete against! It isn't something I would recommend if you are only there for one day and won't be back soon, but if you have the opportunity to visit DCA frequently, then it is something you should try. Then hop in line for a go at Toy Story Mania and your competitve nature should be pretty satisfied for the day.

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