Monday, May 18, 2009

The New Face of Paradise Pier

We were surprised to find the Mickey's Fun Wheel and the new center of California Screamin' completed when we were at DCA last night. I snapped a few shots of them. The pond is still under construction for the new amphitheater and night time water show, so you can see that in the foreground of the photos.


The Sun Wheel (with the Maliboomer in the background)

California Screamin' (note the small Paradise Pier sign below)

The Sun Wheel and Screamin' at night.

Imagineer's concept art of the new face of Paradise Pier:

(notice the Hidden Mickey in this picture?)

AFTER: Tada! The new face of Paradise Pier:

The Orange Stinger hasn't begun it's transformation into Mickey's Silly Symphony yet, but it is scheduled to begin in June.


rick said...

Yes, I noticed the "pie-eyed" Mickey last week (wouldn't have noticed anything were it not for the Backstage Pass we got in the mail the week before).

Laurie Zeller said...

So....they swapped the sun for the Mickey and the Mickey for the sun? That's kinda weird. But hey, it's all good to me! I'm not complainin'!