Monday, April 20, 2009

Pixie Hollow

For the opening of the Tinkerbell movie last October 28th, Disneyland removed the Ariel's Grotto photo spot and transformed it into a little place called Pixie Hollow. Guests can stand in line for approximately 60-90 minutes to get a picture with Tink and at least one of her pixie friends: Silvermist, Fawn, Rosetta or Irridessa.

Along the pathway that winds through what used to be King Triton's pool, you see little bits of pixiedom here and there.

It is a really, really hot, sunny line to stand in!

On the back side of Pixie Hollow is the Matterhorn.

To the left of Pixie Hollow is the castle.

Here we are with Silvermist and Fawn.

Me and my sister with Fawn.

And with Tink in front of her house.

I took most of these pictures on October 25, 2008 because it was the first day that Pixie Hollow was open (it wasn't supposed to open until Tuesday the 28th to coincide with the movie release) and since it was the first day, DH agreed to the 90 minute wait in the hot sun.

Right now, the pool and walkway are under construction again - I am hoping they are putting in some giant plants or something for shade. It is just an unbearably hot line to wait in.

If you get a chance, Pixie Hollow is a fun place to visit and get some pictures, however, I recommend that you get in line first thing in the morning if possible. It opens at 9am, so head right over and you can get in and out quickly!

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Cynthia said...

Oh, I so wanted to go here in March when we went but my son didn't want anything to do with fairies! Thanks for sharing!