Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Disney Animation

After one trip to Disneyland, DH commented that it many of the rides in Fantasyland didn't make a lot of sense to him. After we discussed it, we realized that it was probably because he hadn't seen most of the Disney animated movies. So, we decided to try and watch all of the Disney animated classics in chronological order.

We started these on Friday nights, but since I love Monk and Psych, we decided to switch it to Saturday night. DH goes to Whole Foods and gets us steaks, corn, potatoes and such and then makes the whole dinner. Afterwards we pop some popcorn and settle in for a Disney flick.

We started with Snow White and are currently into the 1990's with Beauty and the Beast. It has been a fun journey so far even though we skipped a couple of older ones and I skipped Bambi all together.

Walt certainly had some amazing people working for him for a very long time. We have really enjoyed watching all of them and seeing the different styles and eras in Disney animation. In addition, it has heightened our appreciation for Fantasyland, parades and even Disney Characters. Fantasyland used to be a place we went when the lines were too long elsewhere, but now it is an important stop every time we're at the Magic Kingdom.

If you ever get the time, we highly recommend a Disney movie night!


Laurie said...

What a great tradition, Tami. Are you going to start back at the beginning when you get to the present time? ;c)

Glad you caught the blog bug!

Susan Stringfellow said...

oh yes, disney movie nights are the best. Of course we have seen every movie the day it came out so there aren't any to catch up on except maybe a few live action ones, but we watch our disney faves all the time around here. One of my personal live action faves is Blackbeards Ghost - watched it last night.