Saturday, August 4, 2012

Storytellers Cafe for Lunch

 As many of you know, Storytellers Cafe in the Grand Californian is one of our favorite character breakfasts at the Disneyland Resort.  On a recent trip with my family, we decided to try lunch at Storytellers and see what it was like.
 I love the detail and decor in Storytellers.  It is a restaurant that celebrates as the name suggests, great story telling; something Disney has tried to do for decades. This is the buffet area where the breakfast buffet and dinner/dessert buffets are served.

This is one side of the restaurant.  As you can see it is warm, cozy feeling.
There are many of these large paintings of either storytellers or stories on the walls.
 Aren't these backlit shadow lighting fixtures that are around the room great?
 They add a nice, warm glow.
There are many quotes around the room like this one above the wood carving.
 Love the detail on the lights in the waiting area.
I really liked this quote!  
Marty Dorf designed many rooms and restaurants for Disney, including some work on Storytellers.
 This is the one page lunch menu.  If you click on it you can see a larger version.
Aunt Diva got the Cobb salad for $14.99.  
She said not only was pretty, but it was very tasty and exactly what she wanted.  It was big though!
Sister Diva got the Four Cheese Ravioli for $16.99. 
She said it was nice and light and had a really good flavor.  The whole roasted garlic cloves were a little strong for her so she just picked them out.  Other than that she really liked it!
I got two appetizers for my meal. First I ordered the Charred Nebraska Corn Chowder for $7.49. This was a really nice soup.  It did not taste like canned cream corn which I was worried about.  I did ask for no cilantro (I hate cilantro - big surprise, right?) The addition of roasted chicken and bacon were perfect in this dish.
Daddy Diva and I got the Chicken Quesadilla for $8.59.  We asked for no salsa and no guacamole (see where I get it?) but they brought it anyway.  Aunt Diva liked it!  The quesadilla was good.  Daddy Diva ate all of his, but I had to take the Anaheim Peppers out of mine because my face was burning off. Once I did that it was still a little hot for me, but they were crisp and really tasty.

Momma Diva got the Fire Roasted Vegetable Soup for $6.99.  She said it had amazing flavor.  It had a bit of a spicy southwest flavor to it and you could taste that the veggies were roasted.

Overall, we really liked Storytellers for lunch.  We appreciated that they had big meals available and also some lighter things as well.  Storytellers is highly recommended by the Diva family.

There is an entrance back into California Adventure just a few paces from Storytellers that enters the park right by Grizzy River Run.  This is an entrance for hotel guests only, but if you pay for a meal at one of the restaurants and you show them your receipt and park ticket, you can enter there.  It's so much faster than going out and around to get in the main entrance.


Susan Stringfellow said...

ok now I am so hungry! I want that ravioli with those asparagus shards. Yum! I don't mind bad breath all day. :) Gorgeous place too. I love all of the photos. Thanks for the review.

Merrick Dunphy said...

That looks DELICIOUS!!!!

Laurie Zeller said...

Sounds absolutely delicious!! I only ever think of Storyteller's for their character breakfast so it's nice to know they have a wonderful lunch as well.