Monday, August 6, 2012

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree - Cars Land

 The first ride you see as you enter Cars Land is Mater's Junkyard Jamboree on your left.  It has the classic Mater sign right over the entrance.
 It is a junkyard, so there is a LOT of junk piled around and they landscaped it with weeds.  We totally loved it!
 All along the wall at the beginning of the queue are props from Mater's past.  If you have seen Cars Toon: Mater's Tall Tales DVD, you will recognize some of these from Mater's past experiences.
 Rescue Squad Mater and Mater Hawk from the short Air Mater.
 Mater the Greater was Mater's stint as a daredevil.
Moon Mater had to make a moon rescue of the Impala XIII for NASCA, 
the National Automotive Space Car Administration.
I don't care who you are, that's funny right there!
 El Materdor was a Bulldozer fighter in Spain.
 Mater and the Gas Caps sings one of Mr. Diva's favorite songs, "Dad Gum."
 My favorite Mater short was Unidentified Flying Mater, where he had to break into Parking Area 51.  
 There is a Hidden Mickey in the queue.
 This ride is based on Mater's love of tractor tipping.  He got a bunch of Holstein Heiffer Chewall's and attached trailers to them and taught them to square dance. The tractors move smoothy in a figure eight and the trailer at the back really swings wide at some points. Sister Diva says it is kind of like the old Tilt a Whirl rides from the county fair, you just don't swing as far.

 While you are waiting you can hear the music playing from Mater's home-made sound system.  Mater sings all the songs for his jamboree and we think the songs are hilarious!
 Here is his homemade sound system, made with all the things he had on hand in his junkyard.

Ready for some twistin', twirlin, whippin', whirlin', good ole fashioned fun unfurlin'!

 Some people laugh on this ride, like Momma Diva and Aunt Diva.
 Some people are cool, sitting back and enjoying the ride, like Daddy Diva and Mr. Diva.
 And some people scream like little girls.  I'm not saying who that might be, but it wasn't Sister Diva.
 From my first ride on the Jamboree, I loved it! Not sure why, but my inner Japanese Disneyland Diva came out here. (I was a Japanese exchange student in high school and we have hosted tons of students from Japan. ;-D)
Mr. Diva loved how they built this shack to look just like the movie and like it is leaning.  It's the construction worker in him.  He notices all those little details.

Still shots are fun, but this video allows you to see the ride in action and to hear some of our favorite parts of a couple of the songs.  They seriously make us laugh!
Junkyard Jamboree 
(with Billy Hill and the Hillbillies)
Twistin' Twirlin'
Whippin' Whirlin'
Good old fashioned fun unfurlin'
Listen tractors, 
while you're towin'
Better watch which way you're goin!

The One You Want To Call
Trouble, if you get in trouble,
Shoot, it don't matter, if it's big or small.
Flat tires, grease fire,
No gas, broke glass,
Tow Mater, the one you want to call.

Big Bull Dozer
Ain't got no money
Ain't got no honey!

We loved Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.  It is a short line, interesting queue, more so if you have see Cars Toon: Mater's Tall Tales, and Mater singing the songs is funny!  But be warned they may stick in your head.


Susan Stringfellow said...

HA HA!!! omgosh that looks so fun! I can just imagine you squeeling and sister diva laughing at you the whole time! I cant wait to see the layouts that go with this one.

Laurie Zeller said...

What a blast!! Gotta love all those little details from Mater's Tall Tales. The photo of you and Sister Diva is fabulous!!!!

Kathleen Summers said...

Followed Susan Stringfellow's link over here. Your blog is AWESOME!! Our family *loves* Disneyland. We're in northern California, and haven't been in 3 years (boo!) but we got Annual Passes (before the prices went up!) and we'll start our "Year of Disney" in October. Can't wait.

Anyway, I love your blog and will check it out often. I love all your details. Oh, and we just finished having an exchange student from Japan stay with us! He left Sunday.