Monday, July 11, 2011

Goofy's Sky School

Part of the Re-themeing of Disney's California Adventure includes taking some of the current attractions and re-making them to fit some of the older Disney shorts. That is the case with Goofy's Sky School. This ride used to be Mulholland Madness, but they decided to take the 1940 short entitled "Goofy's Glider" and use it as the theme for this ride. Other than some new signs and a new paint job, the ride is essentially the same. I still scream like a little girl when I ride it too!

Student Pilots read for take off!

Glad we didn't have to use this parashoot!

And here is where I found the Hidden Mickey!

See it on the top of the wrench?

Now, for those of you who won't have a chance to ride Goofy's Sky School anytime soon, here is a video of the ride.

And if you haven't seen "Goofy's Glider," then you need to watch it. It's classic Goofy!

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Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing the video, it looks like a fun ride!!