Friday, July 15, 2011

Electronica and Flynn's Arcade

Electronica is a nightime party in DCA that was originally started for the movie Tron 3-D, but with all the construction going on, it appears that it has been extended indefinitely.
They have a show that takes place in front of the bathrooms along Hollywood Blvd.
Then there is Mr. Diva's favorite part -- Flynn's Arcade. They play 80's music and you get to play 80's arcade games to your hearts delight.
Here is Mr. Diva playing Pole Position
Space Invaders!
Punch Out!
This is a typical scene in Flynn's Arcade.
Middle-aged men reliving their childhood/teen years.
Frogger! (this always makes me think of Seinfeld)
Ms. Pacman!
Mr. Diva almost got 1st place on this one. Missed it by a hair.
Check out the line for the Tron game!
Donkey Kong
My Mom's favorite 80's video game - Asteroids!
Gauntlet -- it's a better game if you place against someone.
They have lots of places to get drinks with weird glowing ice cubes.
And they have a guy who does a cool laser show.
And dancers in cages.
And DJ's
And this Tron motorcycle thing that is outside
the Muppet theater where they show Tron 3-D.

And that's it! If you have a few minutes on an evening
at the Disneyland Resort, check out Electronica.

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Susan Stringfellow said...

oh good grief. My husband would be in heaven there. I would have to go wander around dd because I am not a gamer and I do get tired of watching him no matter how cool the game.