Thursday, June 19, 2014

Flo's V-8 in Carsland

My long overdue "review" of Flo's V-8 in Cars Land.  We have eaten here several times and it is pretty good.  Not anything I ever crave, but for the most part it's good, moderately priced, and best of all you can eat along Ornament Valley if you sit out on the back patio.  There is a lot more seating inside and outside of Flo's than you might think at first glance. There are quite a few tables next to each gas pump in front, as shown in this picture.
 When you enter, there are some different types of fuel on display in a rotunda area.
You can peruse some menus as you wait to que-up in the ordering lines.

 They have some desserts on display as well as the specialty kids meal cards and such for you to see as you wait to order.

Flo's originally served breakfast as well as lunch and dinner, but they have stopped serving breakfast, which I think is a crying shame!  It was fantastic to sit out along Ornament Valley and eat breakfast in the morning.  Like being transported to another realm.

They currently serve lunch and dinner and I believe the menu is basically the same for both.
This is the May 2014 Menu from All Ears. I'll post a few of the items below.

Because it is in DCA, wine and beer are available for purchase.

 While you are waiting they have these (they don't work) table top jukeboxes with titles of Motorama Girl songs.  It is entertaining to read through them as you wait.  Sometimes it's a fairly lengthy wait.

 Another thing to do as you wait is to take in all the detail.  You know, Disney is about the details.  Look at these custom light fixtures.  Mr. Diva is an electrician so we always notice the lighting.
This is my favorite place to eat at Flo's.  Especially breakfast.  I wish they would bring back breakfast!

This is an outside view of the Motorama Girls room.  There are quite a few tables for seating inside there.  I'll have pictures of the inside later on.
Our first meal at Flo's we tried the Citrus Turkey Breast - with Roasted Corn Medley, Mashed Potatoes, and Old Fashioned Turkey Gravy. $11.99
It was all tasty, but for this picky eater, I didn't like all the stuff in the corn medley. I would have just liked corn.
Pork Loin - with Vegetarian Baked Beans, Mashed Potatoes, and Coca-Cola BBQ Sauce. $11.99
Mr. Diva enjoyed this, but the BBQ sauce was a little much for me.
 Mater's Tulsa Tea - Gold Peak Sweet Green Iced Tea Topped with Tropical Fruit Foam. $3.59
Not bad.  Not too sweet.  Cars Land is into the foam on stuff.
 Wine by the Glass    Fess Parker Riesling - $6.00
I do not like wine.  Mr. Diva usually doesn't either but we decided to get this because, well, FESS PARKER!  Enough said.  Mr. Diva got a stomach ache, I drank most of it.  It actually was one of the best tasting wines I've had.  It was sweet.

We went back at night with the whole Diva family later in July and had a few different things on the menu.  Also, at night the neon really shines!

 Again with the light fixtures....We are always looking up!
 This one is in the Motorama Girls Room
The wall of the Motoroama Girls Room introduces you to all of them, Flo, Laverne, Sheila, and Ronda.  I love the giant rearview mirror!  They have some gold albums displayed around the room.
 This is their album Back to my Routes
 And their album Jeep Date
Veggie Tater Bake - Roasted Vegetables, Soy Crumbles, Bulgur Wheat, and Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes topped with Cheddar Cheese. Served with peas and carrots. $10.99

Sister Diva ordered this and it was disgusting!  I would stay far away from this one.
Roast Beef - with Home-Style Beef Gravy, Mashed Potatoes and Baked Beans. $12.49
Just like the porkloin and turkey, it was good.
Mama Diva opted for the Children's dinner: Turkey Sandwich - $6.99. All meals served with fruit, vegetables, and choice of Low-fat Milk, Low-fat Chocolate Milk, Juice Box, or Small Dasani Water
(Soda Available Upon Request)
She liked it and from the looks of it, this is something I would order for sure.
Aunt Diva got the children's Roast Beef Sandwich - $6.99.  She liked it and thought it was just the right portion.

And we decided we couldn't leave without trying a yummy Chocolate Flo's Classic Shake - topped with "Road Gravel". $4.29.

So if you find yourself in Carsland and wanting a little more than something in a cone to eat, head in to Flo's and get fueled up!

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Susan Stringfellow said...

And now I'm hungry! Love all the photos. It's such a cute place! I am all about the sauces and extras that you don't like, but sister diva was a brave one to try that strange dish! no no no. I am not a huge meat fan, but just the description sounds terrible