Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Toon Town Christmas

I absolutely love to wander around Toon Town at Christmas time! What fun! They do such a marvelous job of making all the decorations tooney and fitting to each of the characters. Enjoy as you peruse the pictures of a Toon Town Christmas.

Notice the dalmation balls on the Firehouse.

This is the Toon Town Tree

And the Toon Town Gazebo

The Jolly Trolley and light posts are so cute!!

Goofy's house

Minnie's House

And her matching tree

Mickey's house

and his matching tree

Donald's Boat

and his decorated mail box.

Although it can get pretty crowded back there during the holidays (who am I kidding, that place is always crowded!!) it is worth it to walk back and enjoy the decorations, at night and during the day.

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Laurie Zeller said...

OK, Toontown is just adorable any time of the year. But this is over-the-top-CUTE!!!