Sunday, November 1, 2009

Candy Corn Acres at DCA

Candy Corn Acres at Disney's California Adventure is such a fun place to hang out in October. They figured out some of the funniest ways to grow candy corn, and there are such adorable decorations that it really isn't too hard to sit in the Sunshine Plaza amidst "acres" of candy corns and wait for the characters to come out in their Fall outfits.

Candy Corn Games

Heimlich pops up out of the giant 1st Prize Candy Corn and talks for a few seconds, mentioning several times how much he LOVES Candy Corn!

Candy Corn Silo

One of my favorite parts is the Candy Corn Churro Cart!!!

DCA's Candy Corn Acres is a "must see" if you are ever at the park in October!


Susan Stringfellow said...

I LOVE THESE PHOTOS!!!! I cant wait to see what you post next. Those candy corn up in the palm were cracking me up. Awesome photos

Laurie Zeller said...

LOL!! Who knew that candy corn grew on cactus and in palm trees?? Go figure!!