Friday, March 6, 2009

Celebrate Good Times, C'mon!

This year, Disney's theme is Celebrate Today!

Of course we have all heard that you can get in free on your birthday, or if you are an Annual Pass holder, like me, you can get a book of fast passes for up to 6 people in your party for the day, or a gift card worth the price of a single park ticket.

We went for my birthday in January and I got the gift card. I bought a couple of t-shirts and a sweat-shirt. they give you a birthday button, but since every other person seems to have a button on, it's really not that special, but I do have to hand it to the CM's, they did make a great effort to wish me a happy birthday when they saw the button.

The park is decorated with party hats, ballons, and bright colors, as seen below, and the online picture CD's can have some birthday, anniversary or plain old celebration borders. It was a good time, and I highly recommend trying to get down to the park on your birthday this year if you can!


Laurie Zeller said...

I love the balloons they did with flowers at the entrance! How cute is THAT??

Susan Stringfellow said...

awwww! I love the lamp post decor too! I have to say that the gift cert is just about the sweetest thing! I love that and I am very impressed.