Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Summer of the Hidden Mysteries - Part 4

This is the final installment of the Indy series.

Part of the brochure they were giving out had some hints about things to look for along the queue in the line for the ride. If you are much a Disney trivia buff, you would probably have been aware of at least a few of them.

Here are a few of the outside of the ride and along the queue:

Hall of Spikes:
"Previous visitors have been caught by surprise on this hideous hallway. See if you can deduce how many victims have met their fate before you." (what surprises some visitors is that if you pull the bamboo pole shown in the picture behind my cousin, the ceiling comes down and spikes come out.)

Obelisk of Doom Chamber:
"The ancient obelisk warns of four dangers that await you during your journey. Two of them are snakes and spears. What are the other two?" (We always go through so fast we've never stopped to figure this out, but you can bet I will next time!)

Indy's Office:
"Just past the projection room, you can peer into Indiana Jone's makeshift office. Can you find Indy's hat, his whip, Sallah's fez, Mickey Mouse and a crated artifact bound for Club Obi Wan?"

Mickey is on the magazine peeking out from under the drawing of Mara.

Indy's hat is in the top center of this picture.

Sallah's Fez is on the statue on the wall.

This is a Hidden Mickey within the ride. His name is Bones (it's on his hat) and he is on the first wall on your left as you come around the corner into the skeleton room.

This was when we got stuck on the ride in June right near the end where Indy is hanging above you on the rope and the giant bolder comes rolling out at you.

It was so cool to see how they did the rolling ball effect. You can see the warehouse behind it and the car in front of us is stuck on the track right below us.

This was what we saw over us for the entire 15 minutes. It was so weird because he just keeps moving like he is holding on for dear life and like he might fall on the car any second.

Indy saves the day again!

Exit Path:
"As you exit the Temple after your adventure, keep an eye out for an excavation mine car from 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom' and a military truck from 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.'"

Here is the mine car.

Here is the truck.

Well, that's about it as far as the Summer Adventures with Indy go. It was a fun promotion and it really was a great thing to do to spice up Adventureland for the summer.

This is the last blog you can leave a comment on to get in on the drawing for the original Indy twinchie. I will be posting a winner soon!


Tracey said...

Seeing how the big rolling ball works would be great! I always wonder how Disney does those things

Kendall said...

I never realized that some of the items along the exit were actual movie props. That's great!

Nylene said...

All of Disney would be so much more fun visiting with you. You know so much about every attraction!

Heather said...

You never told me you were stuck in the ride! At least there isn't an annoying song to get stuck in your head when you're stuck on this ride :)